Class Action Lawsuits

When a defendant has harmed multiple parties, a class action lawsuit may result. Generally one plaintiff sues on behalf of a class or group of people who have been harmed, and this class representative shows up in court to represent all the parties who have been harmed. This is a bit different than when all parties must be present in the court for other types of lawsuits. The attorneys at Simpson Peterson are experts at handling class action lawsuits. If you believe you are one of many who have been harmed by a defendant and wish to be a party representative, give us a call. We can assist you with your case.

Benefits of Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action LawsuitsThere are several key advantages of class action lawsuits. First of all, they make the court system much more efficient. Instead of having multiple people suing one defendant, just one lawsuit is filed. This saves the court a lot of time and trouble. Secondly, many people may have a bigger impact on someone who is acting negligently or recklessly than just one or two people who have the time and money to bring a lawsuit.

What an Attorney Does to Help

An attorney who has experience with class action lawsuits can assist you in many ways. Class action lawsuits require a lot of paperwork, planning, and flawless execution. A skilled attorney can help coordinate the class and file the appropriate documents and notifications. Meanwhile, those who have been injured by a defendant can focus on their recovery and getting back to what matters most. The attorney can help navigate the party representative through the court system to get a favorable outcome for everyone involved.

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