When a loved one has passed away, you may still be grieving your loss, but their estate still needs to be dealt with. You need the help of an experienced probate attorney to help navigate you and your family through the court system. You have enough to worry about without the burden and stress probate can put on a family. The team at Simpson Peterson is here for you during these stressful times, as a support and advocate.

What Is Probate?

Probate AttorneyProbate is the legal process parties go through when someone has passed away. Depending on the type of estate plan the deceased has established, you may be able to bypass the probate system. Typically, the probate process involves a lot of paperwork and a few court hearings to sort out property and debts either as intended in a will or through intestacy.

Who Handles the Probate Process?

Typically a will names an executor, who is the point of contact for the probate process. Often, this is a capable family member or close friend the deceased trusted. If there is no executor listed, an administrator is assigned to handle the affairs. Even the most capable individuals need assistance, and a probate attorney can provide advice, guidance, and counsel to the executor or administrator.

Why Go Through Probate?

There are ways that you can design your estate plan to avoid the entire probate process. You may have particular reasons for doing so, being either financial or personal. Whatever your desire, you have the right to create an estate plan that fits your specific goals. If someone has already passed without a will or trust, then you need a probate attorney to help you get through the complex process.

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